Meant To Beadd items included :)

Here is a list of my top favorite items from December!

1. Lululemon Align Leggings

The pricey leggings are my 24/7 pants. They are so stretchy and soft, unlike those leggings that gets dog hair all over. They are high waisted and work whether you're working out, hanging around the house, or spending some time outside.

2. Aviator Nation

The insanely expensive loungewear is 100% worth it in my opinion. I will not disagree that the prices are ridiculous, however the coziness of their sweatpants and sweatshirts are like nothing you have felt before!

Dormify Bedding

I recently received new bedding from Dormify! It is the most comfy bedding: it is sooo soft and most importantly, pretty!! It was on the top of my favorite gifts for sure!

4. Firehouse Basic V-Neck Tee

These plain colored tees will match any outfit! I have this top in four different colors, all of them match with most pants in my closet!

5. Roller Rabbit Pajamas

Roller Rabbit monkey pajamas- you've probably heard about them. The new trendiest pajamas come in two different colors, kids and adult sizes, and are the cutest!

6. Ugg Slippers

I have been wearing these ALL THE TIME!!! I never take them off, like ever. They are sooo comfy!! 7. Meant To Beadd Products

Okay, you've been expecting this one. Obviously Meant To Beadd is my top favorite. The one thing I never take off!!! The items are so cute, comfortable, and very trendy!!

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